Reima Anti-bite T-shirt Kasvit Fuchsia pink, size 128

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Reima samples have no right to complain.

Size 128

Anti-Bite kids' T-shirt made from organic cotton. Perfect for summer days outdoors. Slim cut.

Summer and insects go together – except when you dress children in this Reima Anti-Bite kids' T-shirt. The material is a light and comfortable pure cotton jersey. As well as being eco-friendly, this slim-fitting children's top repels insects. Reima's Anti-Bite material has a non-toxic and biodegradable The Si Repel Mosquito finish. It repels ticks, mosquitoes, flies, wasps and lice without harming insects or nature. The repellent effect of the finish will last for at least 100 washes. Please note that even when using Anti-Bite clothing it's possible that insects may reach beyond untreated areas.
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  • Kids' T-shirt
  • The Anti-Bite finish contains a synthetic repellent against mosquitoes. The substance is non-toxic, ecofriendly and non-irritant on the skin.
  • Soft and comfortable organic cotton
  • Slim cut

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