How can I choose the right size for my kids shoes?


Tips for measuring your child's feet

  • The smaller the child, the faster the feet grow. It is a good idea to check the foot size every two or three months.

  • Measure feet at the end of the day, when your child’s feet are at their largest.

  • Measure in the socks your child will wear with the new shoes, if appropriate.

  • It’s normal to have a slight discrepancy in size between the two feet. Pick the size according to the bigger foot.

  • When you have received your shoes, you can easily check that the size is correct. Take the insole out, and let the kids step on it. Also a perfect way to check when it is time for a size up.


Have your child stand on a paper, heel against the wall. Mark the foot length on paper and measure the distance to the end of the sheet. You just need to check the foot length and we have already taken care of the room for growth.





When footlength is clear then use naxt zise chart:



How to read size chart?

  1. 1st column is footh length, what you just measured right way.

  2. 2nd column is size what is correct for your kid.



    The Happy Fit measure can help

    Most Reima shoes have a "Happy Fit" measuring system on the insole. The size is good, when the foot is inside the happy face. If it is longer when you buy them, then it's time for new size. Note that it is fine when the toes reaches the line – you don’t need to leave extra room for growth.


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